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Hiit & tabata • Anytime, anywhere

The solution

No time, no problem.

With the HIIT & Tabata app, you can reach your best shape, improve your health and fitness condition without leaving home. Of course, you can practice anywhere. All this with a team of professionals and plenty of training and programs available for you.

Fair price

Variety of training and features
at an affordable price.

Real experience

You connected with
an expert team.

Smart trainings

Specific training for your level
and physical condition.

Share and inspire

Stay motivated by sharing
your results.


Burn calories.
Save time.

HIIT is a high intensity interval training method that promotes high caloric consumption in a short time. In 2019, Medicine & Science in Sports (MSSE) published a final report with several articles, recognizing the various benefits of HIIT, such as: improves insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and body composition.

The App

Your best fitness partner.

Smart Timer

Timer workouts

Beat yourself. A stopwatch fully designed for you to keep track of your time and improve your HIIT training performance.

time features

Customise your workouts

Configure cycles, intervals, series and everything else. Save the settings to memory and access them whenever you want.


Evaluate the intensity

Assess the difficulty of each workout. With this, exercise programs are recommended for you based on your level of training and for you to constantly progress.

Expert trainers

Professional guidance

Do you want to achieve your best? With the training developed by the team of specialists, you can achieve even more significant results.

Listen Songs

On the HIIT beat

Listening to music while training is one of the most efficient ways to stay motivated. Connect to Spotify or Apple Music and listen to your favorite playlist.


Activity records

A history of your training sessions and the summary of each activity for you to be motivated with your progress and monitor all your progress.


Be proud of yourself

Share each achievement on social media, inspire your friends and stay motivated with each like.

Hiit & tabata • Anytime, anywhere

Hiit & tabata • Anytime, anywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chest band, heart rate monitors and smartfit band devices aren’t compatible with HIIT&Tabata app. At the moment the app supports pairing connection only with Apple Watch devices.

You can exercise listening to your favourite songs by using only one of these services Spotify or Apple Music.
At the moment the app doesn’t support any other app such as Youtube Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc.

Before using the app download music to your Apple Watch from your mobile device. Remember to start the workout on iPhone and then use the Apple Watch to continuous.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. However, we do not refund the amounts already paid. If you are in the middle of a subscription period, you will be able to enjoy the app and services until the end of the period and will not be charged for the next period.

PRO version
You can enjoy the app without any interruption of ads.

H&T Master One
Monthly access to all training videos and features.

H&T Master Six
Half-yearly access to training videos and features.

Whenever you use Services HIIT & Tabata, you must be in good health. If you have any pre-existing illness or health condition, consult a doctor before starting to use Services HIIT & Tabata. This is particularly important if you suffer from cardiovascular problems, spine and / or joint problems or other health limitations that can affect your athletic performance.


It’s time to get in shape.

Let’s exercise. Download HIIT & Tabata and achieve your goals.

Hiit & tabata • Anytime, anywhere