User Questions

Chest band, heart rate monitors and smartfit band devices aren’t compatible with HIIT&Tabata app. At the moment the app supports pairing connection only with Apple Watch devices.

You can exercise listening to your favourite songs by using only one of these services Spotify or Apple Music.
At the moment the app doesn’t support any other app such as Youtube Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc.

Before using the app download music to your Apple Watch from your mobile device. Remember to start the workout on iPhone and then use the Apple Watch to continuous.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. However, we do not refund the amounts already paid. If you are in the middle of a subscription period, you will be able to enjoy the app and services until the end of the period and will not be charged for the next period.

PRO version
You can enjoy the app without any interruption of ads.

H&T Master One
Monthly access to all training videos and features.

H&T Master Six
Half-yearly access to training videos and features.

Whenever you use Services HIIT & Tabata, you must be in good health. If you have any pre-existing illness or health condition, consult a doctor before starting to use Services HIIT & Tabata. This is particularly important if you suffer from cardiovascular problems, spine and / or joint problems or other health limitations that can affect your athletic performance.

Trainer Questions

You can submit your application using the form on the website of HIIT & Tabata. After your application, we will review your application in order to validate whether you are a professional accredited and able to prescribe training for students of HIIT & tabata platform

High intensity workouts like HIIT and Tabata can be very beneficial to health. However, if practiced incorrectly can cause serious damage to health. Thus, we value the knowledge and training of coaches to prescribe the training on the platform.

We highly value the work of professionals, so part of the value of the signatures are passed on to the coaches and all the time that the video is available onto the platform and people are consuming content you’re being paid for it.

Yes, you can publish any uncle content that is within the platform guidelines, covering functional exercise that can be practiced at home or anywhere without the need of using any kind of equipment.

We have a strict criterion of evaluation to accept professional training subscribe on the platform because the responsibility that these activities require. Thus, you should not have met some criteria that we require, be it skills, teaching or any other item.

How HIIT workout requires the achievement of high heart rates, people with cardiovascular problems should undergo a medical evaluation before practicing the exercise. In addition, people with physical inactivity or obesity should do the training under the supervision of an experienced physical education teacher who will know to evaluate the limits of each.